Exhibitor Show Information

Exhibitor Checklist

Things to do/order Due Date
Lead Retrieval (Expo Logic) - Early bird deadline ($50 savings) 8/5/16
Lead Retrieval (Expo Logic) - Advance deadline ($50 savings) 8/23/16
Exhibitor Badges mailed prior to show (Expo Logic) 7/25/16
Electric (Edlen Electrical Services) - Advance deadline, discounts apply 8/8/16
Plumbing (Edlen Plumbing Services) - Advance deadline, discounts apply 8/8/16
Computer Rental/Audio Visual (Encore Event Technologies) 8/17/16
Refrigerator/Freezer Rental (Xpert) - Advance deadline, discounts apply 8/12/16
Furnishings (Xpert) - Advance deadline, discounts apply 8/3/16
Booth Carpet (Xpert) - Advance deadline, discounts apply 8/1/16
Rental Exhibits (Xpert) - Advance deadline, discounts apply 8/1/16
Exhibit Accessories (Xpert) - Advance deadline, discounts apply 8/1/16
Digital Graphics (Xpert) - Advance deadline, discounts apply 8/1/16
Shipments to Warehouse Cut Off 8/19/16
Shipments Direct to Show Cut Off 8/27/16



A-Z Guide:

Age Restrictions

In accordance with show rules & regulations, no one under the age of 18 will be admitted in the exhibit hall. This event is for TRADE ONLY.

Audio Visual

Encore Event Technologies is the official audio/visual services provider. They will maintain a full staff on site. Refer to the Online Exhibitor Manual for an order form.

Booth Furnishings

Booth furnishings, graphics, labor, etc. are available through the Official General Contractor, Xpert Exposition Services. Order forms for should be completed & returned to Xpert to take advantage of the advance discount pricing. Please be sure to indicate your company name and booth number on all forms. Refer to the Online Exhibitor Manual for order forms and link to place orders through their website.

Business Center

Image Quest Plus will operate a full service business center on-site to provide copy, fax services and small package shipping, etc.  They are located along the concourse between the West (our show) Halls and the South Halls.

Busy / Congested Booths

When large crowds gather at your booth & interfere with the flow of traffic in the aisles or create excessive crowds at neighboring booths, it is an infringement on the rights of other Exhibitors.                          
* Please keep the aisles clear of obstructions in-case of an emergency. 

Carpet / Flooring

Show Management prefers that all booths have appropriate floor covering. Refer to the Xpert section in the Online Exhibitor Manual for order forms.

Cash & Carry

"Cash & Carry Is Prohibited" as stated in the Exhibitor Application & License Agreement under the Terms and Conditions Section 8, Sample Selling Policies.  Retail sales are strictly prohibited during the Exhibition. Infraction of this rule will result in Exhibitor's booth being repossessed by Management.  Subject to the foregoing, the distribution of samples, souvenirs, publications, etc., or other sales or sales promotions activities must be conducted by Exhibitor only from within its booth.  The distribution of any articles that interferes with the activities of, or obstructs access to, neighboring booths, or that obstructs aisles, is prohibited.  No article containing any product other than the product or materials made or possessed or used by Exhibitor in its product or services may be distributed except by written permission of Management.  In no event shall Exhibitor use its booth to promote any other exhibition or conference. However, consumer (public) show will not be subject to this restriction.  The Exhibitor shall conduct and operate its exhibit so as not to annoy, endanger or interfere with the rights of other exhibitors and visitors.  Any practice resulting in complaints from any other exhibitor or any visitor which, in the opinion of Management, interferes with the right of other or exposes them to annoyance or danger, may in its sole discretion be prohibited by Management.


Levy Restaurant Group has exclusive rights to all catering in the facility.  Menus and order forms can be found in the Catering section in the Online Exhibitor Manual.


Cleaning crews will be provided for general exhibit hall clean up, including aisles each day before the opening of the show & during show hours. Show Management does not provide cleaning or vacuuming for booth carpet at any time. If you need cleaning services in your booth - vacuuming, shampooing, trash removal, refer to the Xpert section in the Online Exhibitor Manual for order forms.

Computer Rental

Encore Event Technologies is the official computer supplier. They will maintain a full staff on-site for all of your computer needs. Refer to the Official Vendors section in the Online Exhibitor Manual for order forms.

Copyrighted Music

If any copyrighted music is to be played in your booth, you must obtain all necessary licenses from the copyright owner or licensing agency representing the copyright owner. The licensing requirements include the playing of live, as well as recorded music (records, tapes, compact discs, etc.), and also include music, whether it is the essence of the presentation or is only used as background, on a videotape or other presentation.

The proper license must be posted in your booth and available for inspection at the request of Show Management or properly authorized agents of ASCAP or BMI. We advise you to contact these agencies as listed below to acquire the proper licenses:

ASCAP Licensing Dept.
1 Lincoln Plaza
New York, NY 10023
Tel: 212.621.6000

BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.)
10 Music Square East
Nashville, TN 37203-4399
Tel: 800.925.8451, 615.401.2000

Adherence to these federally mandated copyright licensing laws is of critical importance. Failure to do so is both a violation of federal copyright law, and a breach of your contract for exhibit space for the show.

Crate Removal, Storage and Return

Empty crates will be removed to storage & returned to your booth at the end of the Show by our floor crew at no additional charge, provided you have used materials handling services for the delivery of your booth.  Do not store merchandise in crates or cartons marked for empty storage.

Display Rules and Regulations

The rules and guidelines specify what an exhibitor can & cannot do with his booth space.  These rules and guidelines are based on the physical characteristics of the Exhibit Hall, the intent is to be equally fair to all exhibitors, and for the overall safety of the event.  Please review these rules and plan your display accordingly.  Variances will be considered & reviewed.  View more information about HEIGHT LIMITATIONS HERE.

Demonstration Areas & Equipment

Demonstration areas must be confined within the exhibit space so as not to interfere with any traffic in the aisles.  Exhibitors must contract sufficient space to be able to comply with this rule.  Equipment, product or machinery, when displayed to demonstrate or simulate industrial application, are exempt from the foregoing height limits, but are restricted only by ceiling height, as well as building and safety codes.


All electrical work will be done exclusively by Edlen electricians. Refer to the Official Vendors section of the Online Exhibitor Manual for order forms.

Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitor staff personnel wishing to enter the exhibit floor must wear an Exhibitor Badge at all times. Refer to the Online Exhibitor Manual for more information.

Exhibitor Service Area

Xpert will maintain a Service Center during set-up, show days & dismantling. All other official show contractors will be set up in this area as well.  All inquiries regarding booth services & orders should be made at the Exhibitor Service Center, including booth furnishings, labor, freight, utilities, & other vendors. Exhibitors who have ordered labor are asked to check in at this desk when they are ready to install their exhibits.  The person in charge of your exhibit should carefully inspect & sign for all work order forms.  If you disagree with a bill presented for your signature, question it immediately.  If you cannot come to a satisfactory agreement with the contractor, contact Show Management immediately.  Do not put it off. Once the show has ended, it becomes very difficult to resolve issues.

Exposed Areas Must Be Finished

All backwalls, sidewalls or any other exposed areas of the display must be draped or finished surfaces.  No graphics, logos, or print facing into another booth is allowed.  Any company advertisement or promotion must face into the aisle. In-line and peninsula booths must have a finished back wall covering the back of the booth.  See-through back walls or displays which do not cover the back wall completely, will not be allowed.  Please note that: ALL FIRE HOSE CABINETS MUST BE KEPT CLEAR & VISABLE.

Exposed Floors Should Be Covered

It is preferred that all booth space is covered by an appropriate floor covering. Approved floor coverings includes, but is not limited to, carpet, carpet tiles, and foam floor tiles. Exhibitors may rent carpet from Xpert. All floor coverings must be in adherence to the rules set forth by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Fire and Safety Regulations

A Los Angeles Fire Department Special Permit is required in order to:

  • Display and operate any heater, barbeque, heat producing device, open flame device, candles, lamps, lanterns, torches, or other forms of ignition
  • Display or operate any electrical, mechanical, or chemical device that is deemed hazardous by the Fire Department.
  • Use or store flammable liquids, compressed gases, or other hazardous materials. When approved, the quantities shall not exceed ten (10) gallons used only for maintenance purposes and the operation of equipment when stored in approved containers and at approved locations. Storage in excess of 10 gallons that is used for maintenance purposes and operations of equipment shall be inside approved hazardous materials cabinets. LIQUEFIED FLAMMABLE GAS is PROHIBITED inside any building.
If you are planning on having open flames within your booth, you MUST complete this form and send to gcelentano@urban-expo.com by 8/19/16.  An inspector will visit your booth to verify proper safety precautions are being taken. 

Freezer & Refrigeration (and equipment) Rental

If you are interested in renting a refrigerator, freezer, or small equipment, Lowe Refrigeration is the official refrigerator/freezer rental company.  Refer to the Official Vendor section in the Online Exhibitor Manual for order forms.

Freezer & Refrigeration Storage

Freezer and Cold Storage will be located outside on the loading dock.  Please complete the Refrigerator/Frozen Storage form located in the Xpert section in the Online Exhibitor Manual. Please indicate "Freezer" or "Cold."

*Please indicate on your boxes whether it’s for the "Freezer" or "Cold" storage!

Hotel/Travel Discounts

Call Connections Housing at 855.246.8722 or visit our website's Hotel/Travel page for discounted rates on hotel, airline and car rental.

Inspection Deadline

Any booth not occupied by 5:00pm on Saturday, August 27, 2016 will be presumed abandoned.  If there is no freight in the booth and/or Show Management believes the Exhibitor will not participate in the show, the booth will be reassigned.  Exhibitors arriving after this time may incur additional costs.

Labor Regulations

The City of Los Angeles has unions that have jurisdiction over trade shows.  Please plan now to abide by labor regulations.  Xpert is the official labor contractor.  Labor arrangements may be made to set-up, service, and dismantle your exhibit.  Information regarding labor jurisdiction can be found in the Xpert section in the Online Exhibitor Manual.  If you have any further questions or would like a quote for labor services, you may contact Xpert directly at 855-677-EXPO (3976) or exhibitorservices@xpertexpo.com 

Exhibitors using contractors other than Xpert for labor and/or supervision must return the EXHIBITOR APPOINTED CONTRACTOR FORM to Xpert & Show Management prior to August 1, 2015. Please refer to the Non-Official Contractor page.

Lead Retrieval Systems

Expo Logic is the official provider.  See the Online Exhibitor Manual for order forms.

Liability and Insurance

Exhibitors are advised to see that their regular company insurance includes coverage outside of company premises & that they have their own theft, public liability & property damage insurance.  Show Management & its contractors will not be responsible for injury or damage that may occur to an exhibitor or his/her employees or agents, nor to the safety of any exhibit or other property against theft, fire, accident, or any other destructive causes.  Please review your application & license agreement for details. Under Terms and Conditions Section 12, Exhibitor Insurance.

License Agreement

Please be sure you have read the Terms and Conditions of your Application & License Agreement for Exhibition Participation for all exhibition rules and regulations.  It is the exhibitor's responsibility to adhere to all rules pertaining to your license agreement.

Material Handling (Drayage) Services

Xpert is the exclusive materials handling provider on the exhibit floor.  They will receive all shipments whether consigned in advance to their warehouse or sent directly to the Los Angeles Convention Center. Material handling includes return of your empty cartons & crates at the close of the Show.  Refer to the Official Contractor section in the Online Exhibitor Manual for order forms.

Plant/Floral Rental

Short Term Plant Rental is the official show florist.  A service representative will be available on-site. Refer to the Official Vender section in the Online Exhibitor Manual for order forms.


Show Management will provide perimeter security personnel on a 24 hour basis during the entire event lease (including installation & dismantle). Every reasonable effort will be made to prevent losses; however the final responsibility lies with the exhibitor.  If you have items in your booth that are vulnerable to theft, take advantage of the complimentary storage room to lock up your merchandise during non-show hours.  Refer to the Official Vendor section in the Online Exhibitor Manual for information on ordering additional security for your booth.


Refer to the Official Contractor section in the Online Exhibitor Manual on how to address your shipments & shipping options.

Advance warehouse shipments must be delivered between July 18, 2016 & August 19, 2016.

Show site shipments will be received at the exhibit facility starting August 25, 2016.

Show Carpet/Drape Colors

If your booth is located in the general show, it will have black aisle carpet and side rails, and alternating black, red, and white back drape panels.  Specialty and features will have the following:

International Pavilion – Pepper (red and black flake color) Carpet, Black Side Rail, and Alternating black, red, and white back drape panels.

Food Trends Experience (table top area) – Blue Carpet, and blue table skirting

CA Craft Brewers Pavilion (table top area) – Burgundy Carpet, and black table skirting

Healthier Choices Pavilion (table top area) – Green Carpet, Green back drape, and white table drape

Sound Levels

Sound levels should be kept at a level in order to conduct business within the confines of the booth area & must not interfere with the neighboring exhibits. Show Management will exercise their right to provide & maintain a fair exhibiting environment to all customers.

Telephone Services/Internet Lines

All telecommunications services including internet lines will be handled through Smart City.  Refer to their section in the Online Exhibitor Manual for order forms.

Show Management Contact

Contact Phone Number Email
Operational Questions    
Glenn Celentano 203.484.8052 gcelentano@urban-expo.com
Show Managers    
Mary Yates 203.484.8054 myates@urban-expo.com
Matt Mennona 203.242.8122 mmennona@urban-expo.com
Public Relations    
Amy Riemer 978.475.4441 amy@riemercommunications.com
Finance Questions    
Sue Fales 203.242.8124 sfales@urban-expo.com
Ferdinand Metz Foodservice Forum and
Paid Education Session Questions
Samantha Grimaldi 203.242.8123 sgrimaldi@urban-expo.com
Marketing Questions    
Andrea Tencza 203.484.8051 atencza@urban-expo.com