Monday Session Details

11:15AM - 12:15PM

M101 - Building a Winning Hospitality Team in 8 Simple Steps

Building a Winning Hospitality Team starts with the interview process and continues through training, which is where a lot of restaurants stop with new employees. Darren S. Denington will show you that with 8 steps you can build a team that truly cares about your business and the ways to involve your team so that they grow with you.

Darren Denington, Service With Style Hospitality Group

11:30AM - 12:15PM
M102 - Fine Dining - Is it Dead?

The definition of what makes a fine dining experience, beyond great food, which is almost expected these days has been debated for years. Today’s chefs will share with the audience their version, their prediction and their hopes for the future of fine dining.

Michael Camarusti, Exec. Chef, Providence
Cristina Echivery, Providence
James Montejano, Exec. Chef, La Valencia Hotel
Nicholas Bour, Exec. Chef, Loews Coronado Bay Resort
Marcel St.Pierre, Exec. Chef, Disneyland Hotel
Christopher Moran, Palmer Restaurant
Ferdinand Metz, President Emeritus of the Culinary Institute of America
Moderated by: Josh Kopelman, Publisher Dining Out San Diego

M103 - Best Quality Procurement Practices for Increased Profits

Over the last fifteen years we have worked with some of the best restaurateurs in Southern California and over time a pattern has emerged. Those operators who procure their products based on best quality as well as what presents them with the best marketing opportunities generally are more profitable than operators who buy and sell their products based on the lowest price point. It can be very challenging to know what products to buy in order to optimize profit. In our session we will go over some “best practices” to help operators make the right buying decisions for their restaurants as well make some suggestions of what they can do to increase their profits through utilizing a “best quality” procurement philosophy.

Svante Johansson President & CEO SJ & Associates Food Sales Solutions; James Bailey, Director of Culinary & Senior Partner, SJ& Associates Food Sales Solutions; Greg McNally, Owner, Restaurant Profit Technologies

12:30PM - 1:15PM

M104 - Remove The Strings- How to Build Guest Loyalty with Email Marketing

Are you caught up in the vicious circle of having to regularly offer “deals” and “coupons” just to keep up? If so, what can you do to stand out and generate customer visits? The answer is simple - build loyalty. In this informative seminar, learn why couponing tactics are broken and not generating the type of sustainable traffic that your restaurant is looking for. Hear about real results and strategies to develop guest loyalty that will increase your email open rates, Facebook visibility and of course put customers in seats


M105 - Airport Concessions 101 presented by Airport Revenue News (ARN)

The food landscape for airports has been changing rapidly and will continue to do so. Over the next 2-3 years, concession contracts at some of the busiest airports in North America are expiring prompting airports and operators to look for new, relevant and exciting concepts for their food programs.  Learn the basics on how to get into and operate in airports and hear about the good, the bad and the ugly of airport concessions.

Carol Ward, Senior Contributing Journalist, Airport Revenue News

S106 - Raising Profits Through Craft Beers

This session will explain more about the popularity of craft beers, an education on the movement and some current trends. Learn how to create a beer list to maximize sales.

Michael Hall, Black Diamond Brewery

1:30PM - 2:15PM

M107 - Five Key Elements for Successful Interior Branding in Café, Restaurant and Retail Spaces

Branding or rebranding through a space’s interior design has become an important strategy for many businesses that want to grow their market share.  In an economy where competition is more intense than ever, a well branded interior (or interior branding) is no longer a luxury but a necessity to position your business for success.  From franchise restaurants to mass retailers, many successful companies are now focusing on rebranding and renovating their interiors to entice new customers.
In this forum, attendees will discover the five elements for successful Interior Branding, which are reinforcing visual identity, creating an interior synonymous with your brand, maintaining visual consistency, creating a special experience, and engaging the senses.  They will also learn how to incorporate those elements into their own physical spaces, whether it be a café, restaurant or retail store, in order to achieve a well branded environment and increase client recognition and loyalty.

Seyie Putsure, Seyie Design

S108 - One on two with Ferdinand Metz, Chef William Bradley and Elizabeth Huettinger

Find out all you ever wanted to know from the experts of the Addison at the Grand Del Mar, one of the foremost resorts and restaurants in America. Director and Executive Chef William Bradley and Wine Director Elizabeth Huettinger will share their insights and help demystify the pairing of food and wine. 
William Bradley, Director and Executive Chef, Addison, The Grand Del Mar, San Diego; Elizabeth Huettinger, Wine Director, Addison, The Grand Del Mar, San Diego; Ferdinand Metz, Former President of the CIA Willerton, The Lease Coach

M109 - Utilizing Menu Engineering to Drive Profits For Your F&B Operations

With accurate recipe costing as a base, Mark will walk you through the steps to re-engineer your menu for success and profitability utilizing his proven methods.  Review with him the flaws of the traditional dog/star reporting and learn about the data to be reviewed.  Utilizing the proper data combined with your passion for industry can assist in driving your bottom line.  View how the menu layout plays an important role in the engineering process and decision making.  By applying these measures, one can drive improved profitability to the bottom line.your sales team sends to a potential client is profitable… EVERY time!

Mark Kelnhofer, Return on Ingredients

2:30PM - 3:15PM

M110 - To Tweet or Not to Tweet: My Employee posted WHAT about MY RESTAURANT?

Many restaurant and hospitality employers are now faced with the weekly or daily issue of employees' social media participation.  Common issues involve employees using their time in an unproductive way during workers hours, making statements that may not be in keeping with an employers' harassment/discrimination policies, and the sharing of confidential/proprietary information. These dizzying issues leave restaurant and hospitality employers to wonder how to structure their social media policies and practices.  Today, Hamlet's v2.0 has everyone asking the question "To Tweet or not to Tweet?"

Presentation topics will answer these questions:

        -       What should a workplace social media policy do?
        -       What should a workplace social media policy say?
        -       Are employees' social media interactions private?
        -       Are employees' social media interaction protected by the National Labor Relations Act?
        -       How do you enforce a workplace social media policy?

Alden Parker, Weintraub, Tobin, Chediak, Coleman, Grodin Law Corporation

M111 - Minimizing Foodborne Illness Risks using Active Managerial

Minimizing the risk of a foodborne illness in your establishment goes beyond passing a health department inspection or having a certified food manager on staff. This discussion will take a look at the components of a robust food safety management system and discuss practical steps and best practices retail food operators can take to overcome challenges are that commonly faced and effectively manage food safety on a daily basis.

Angela Sanchez, MPA, REHS, CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc

M112 - Lessons from Leaders 2.0: Fast Casual Operators Panel

Fast Casual continues to evolve, and savvy operators want to know what’s next. This session starts with a 2013 industry update, current trends, insights and forecast. Attendees will hear a panel of top CEO’s discussing lessons and life experiences with the brands they lead, including successes, challenges, and obstacles. This fast moving session focuses on what you the audience want to know and is facilitated by an ongoing live Q&A session. Walk away knowing what you can do for your business immediately, and costly mistakes to avoid.

Don Fox, CEO ,Firehouse Subs; David Jones, CEO & Founder, Blazin Onion; Lon Southerland, SVP, American Blue Ribbon; Moderated by: Sam Stanovich, NRA

3:30PM - 4:15PM

M113 - Menu Engineering for Top Profits

In this session learn how to design a restaurant menu that puts money in your pocket. Always a hot topic – your menu is the single most important tool you restaurant has to make sales. David Scott Peters, founder of and session speaker, will discuss the components of a successful menu and showcase results other restaurant owners have achieved by implementing his tips for success. The session will include sample menus that have been re-engineered for top profits. Attendees will learn:
1. The do’s and don’t’s of successful restaurant menus
2. When to use fancy fonts and pictures and when not to
3. How to analyze your numbers and use them to your advantage in the menu design process
4. The one system you can’t live without if you’re going to successfully engineer your menu

David Scott Peters,

M114 - Big Brands Discuss: Current and Future Menu Trends

Industry leaders discuss current and future menu trends and how consumer demand shapes these trends.

James A Drake, BJ's Restaurants, Inc.
Matthew Antonovich, Logan's
Nevielle Panthaky, PF Chang's China Bistro
Dana Olson, Rubio's Restaurant

M115 - The Attainability of Sustainability

A discussion with Orange County’s Top Chefs and Restaurant Pros outlining strategies and realistic daily business practices for attaining and maintaining a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.  Also come hear about the newest and hottest trends and favorite dishes at some of the best restaurants in OC.

Pamela Waitt, OC Restaurant Association; Chef Jamie Gwen; Patrick Glennon, SM Seafood & Europa Specialty Sausages ; Eric Samaniego, Little Sparrow; Mike Doctulero, Scott’s Restaurant and bar; Moderator: Sarah Christopher, Brad Metzger Restaurant Solutions