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November's Featured Speaker: Jeff Gurtman, Coyle Hospitality Group

Coyle Hospitality Group recently moderated a panel discussion at the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show focused on "Customer Experience Trends: How Technology and Innovation is Changing the Restaurant Customer Experience".

Top 20 Drivers of Restaurant Loyalty (What keeps guests coming back?)

Restaurant owners/operators are busy and resource starved.  What are the most important factors in determining guest loyalty? Coyle Hospitality Group revealed the top 20 drivers of restaurant loyalty after asking 488 respondents at full service restaurants the following questions: 
   1. How satisfied were you with this experience?
   2. How likely are you to return to this restaurant?
   3. How likely are you to recommend this restaurant to a friend, family member, or colleague?

The results were as follows: 

What To Do With these Results:

  • It is no surprise that food taste matters, a lot. Yes, you knew that but make sure servers and menus/printed collateral are on message about how great the food is. There’s a reason your mom said, “Mmm….goood!” as she fed you a spoonful of mashed peas.
  • Restaurant goers appreciate value aka the price meets expectations.  Another no brainer, right?  Well, your wine list, cocktail menu, or a $3.50 cup of coffee might be shouting out loud you offer a poor value.
  • The final farewell received before leaving a restaurant is 7X more important than the arrival welcome. How many of your guests last night walked by an empty podium when they left?  Or, a bartender on a cell phone or a server staring at the POS terminal.
  • Server attentiveness, inclusive of meal pacing and timing is a big factor.  If timing is off, it is almost impossible to get the rest right.
  • Where’s the manager??? While management presence does not have a significant direct impact on loyalty. There’s more to the story.  Mystery shop data clearly shows a higher overall compliance to all the ‘little things that drive loyalty’.  When managers are on the floor, scores for staff friendliness, cleanliness, and timing are higher in the aggregate.  At the very least, a present manager ensures that all guests receive a meaningful farewell.

View the full objectives, methodology and PowerPoint presentation at:

More about Coyle Hospitality Group:

Coyle Hospitality Group provides intelligently designed mystery shopping programs to the world’s top restaurants, hotels, and businesses that value the customer experience. 


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