The APPstore - NEW!

The all new APPstore (for Appetizers of course) at the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo has been created at the request of, and to meet the needs of, operators and foodservice professionals.  This area will provide inspiration, ingredients and finished products to provide new tastes and flavor combinations for the hottest appetizers and small plates that will set the tone for visitor experiences. 

Experience the creativity! 

  • experiment with appetizers ... smaller portions mean that strongly flavored or premium ingredients can star
  • growing trends pop up fastest on the starters list -- fresh/house made sausage, house cured meats/charcuterie, vegetarian options, ethnic/street food inspired apps and the latest spin on sliders and international fare
  • starters are a perfect fit with today's most important lifestyle trends: downsizing of portions and prices, sharing and sampling, and round the clock offerings
This new Pavilion will showcase the emerging trends that will transform your appetizer menu into a profit center!