Why No One Knows About Your Restaurant by Christina Nicholson of Media Maven

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2017 Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show


Christina Nicholson, Owner of Media Maven

Christina is speaking at the 2017 Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show on the topic "Boost Your Reach: Make More Money Reaching Thousands (Or Even Millions) of Your Ideal Customers in Minutes Instead of Months" on Friday, October 13th at 1PM.

Why No One Knows About Your Restaurant

I've had this conversation many times:

You: “I think I have a great restaurant with the best food, but no one knows about us.”
Me: “Do you have someone handling your public relations?”
You: “We looked into it, but it’s so expensive. We’re just trying to do it ourselves for now.”
Me: “Well, what are you doing?”
You: “We post on social media and send out press releases, but it’s like people still don’t know we exist.”
Well, if you want to know why you’re not earning big time visibility… maybe it’s because you’re not making yourself, your product, your service, your business or even your brand newsworthy.
Why your efforts are being ignored
1. You’re not earning media exposure because you are sending a press release. 
Before I start working with most clients, the words “press release” are usually spoken in the first 10 minutes… and not by me. I don’t like press releases, but many small business owners insist on me writing them and sending them out. If this is what you’re doing, this is why they may not be working for you:
  • Your press release is too long.
  • Your press release is boring.
  • Your press release is complicated.
  • Your press release is not newsworthy.
  • Your press release is too evergreen.
2. You’re not earning media exposure because you are reaching out to the wrong people. 
Earning media coverage is hard. Because it’s not only free, but much more effective than advertising, business owners want it for their brand. Many times, this means pitching anyone and everyone in the media industry with an email address. This is not effective. 
When I was a TV reporter in Miami, I would receive pitches that included a topic in a different market, a topic I have never covered before, a topic that would never be covered on the TV station itself, and the list goes on.
3. You’re not earning media exposure because you are promoting your brand too much. 
While some media coverage may end up being seen as a great commercial for a brand, it should never be pitched this way. Remember, the job of a journalist is to tell a story that will educate, entertain and evoke some kind of emotion in the reader or viewer. If your brand isn’t doing that with a pitch, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board.
4. You’re not earning media exposure because you are not trying hard enough. 
Very rarely does a member of the media come to you. If one does, consider yourself lucky and a rare occasion. Journalists work 24/7 – at 2:00 am, on Christmas morning, and many times in a few different cities in just a couple of days. It’s not a 9-5 job, so you cannot treat your outreach like it is.
5. You’re not earning media exposure because you are not ready. 
If your website is not up and running or if your doors are not open, then you are not ready to earn media exposure. Unless you have a solid business plan with something to see, people to talk to, and documents to share, then you need to do more on the business side before trying to earn exposure in the media.
Now that you know what’s not working, why not try some things that work? I’m so excited to be speaking at an education session on Tuesday, September the 12th at 1:00pm. In the session, I’m going to tell you what works and how I’ve gotten clients in the local newspaper, cooking segments on local TV newscasts, in Nation’s Restaurant News, Food & Wine Magazine and on the Rachael Ray Show without spending a dime on advertising. 


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More about Christina

Christina Nicholson is a former TV reporter and anchor who is still telling stories, but instead of doing it for a newscast, she's doing it to help businesses grow. She helps you reach thousands, if not millions, of your ideal customer or client in minutes instead of months through the power of media. She's earned clients coverage on Today, The Rachael Ray Show, Food & Wine Magazine, Nation's Restaurant News, and more without spending a dime on advertising. 

You can still see her in front of the camera as a host on Lifetime TV, in national commercials, and on WPTV where she hosts a monthly segment. Christina lives in South Florida with her husband and two young children.




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