ACF Culinary Competition

2017 ACF Culinary Competitions & Cook-Offs

The following information comes from the official webpage of the American Culinary Federation Central Florida Chapter:

The American Culinary Federation’s Central Florida Chapter is excited to host the ACF Culinary Arts Competition again for the 21st year in a row. This competition takes place during the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show held on October 11-13, 2017. This year, we have some exciting changes in the competition schedule. Several competition favorites remain, but we have added a few new competition formats based on current trends in the restaurant industry. These new competitions will increase our variety of flavors and competitors at the show. It will be a showcase of good food, friendly competition, and themed fun.

The ACF-Approved Competition categories that will remain are:

  • Cold Platter     (A-1)
  • Wedding Cake     (C-4)
  • Showpiece Chocolate, Cooked Sugar, Pastillage and Marzipan     (D-4)
  • Taste of Elegance Pork Signature Recipe Competition     (KC)
  • Farm to Table Vegetarian Signature Recipe Competition     (KG)

The NEW Open Tasting Competition categories are:

  • One Pot Chili
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Chowder

For the new categories, competitors will vie for two awards. One will be “People’s Choice”, judged by the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show attendees who purchase tickets to enter the competition area to sample and vote for their favorite flavors of the day. The “Judge’s Choice” award will be earned from a panel of local executive chefs and celebrities. Each award will be given to the top three competitors in that category.

The ACF/CFC Culinary Arts Competition Committee will shortly announce their “competition theme” which will be utilized for the creative design in the competition categories and encouraged with each competitor or team’s production/serving area through props and costuming. “Team Theme” prizes will be awarded daily.

Check back for more information as show time nears.


Taste of Elegance Pork Signature Recipe Competition

Sponsored by:
Taste of Elegance and Iowa Pork Producers Association 

Taste of Elegance

This competition is open to all chefs (ACF & Non-ACF) and is designed to encourage up to 20 chefs to creatively prepare and feature fresh pork on their restaurant, non-commercial foodservice or catering menu. Each participating chef will develop a main entree recipe utilizing whole muscle pork.


Florida Pastry Challenge


It's time to showcase your talents, Chefs! This competition is compromised of two categories: student pastry chefs & professional pastry chefs. The goal for the students is to reinforce the basic execution of fundamentals (not to force them to display advanced creativity during a period when learning and practicing basic skills are necessary). The second category is open to all Pastry Chefs, they must create their centerpiece based on this year's theme "Steam Punk". They are allowed two mediums: Sugar or Chocolate. All chefs must have their centerpieces set up by 8:00 am on Tuesday, September 27, 2016.


Freshpoint and Harvill's Produce Farm to Table Vegetarian Signature Recipe Competition 

Sponsored by:


FreshPoint produce company and Harvill's produce company signature recipe competition is a chef's competition designed to encourage chefs to creatively prepare and feature a fresh farm to table vegetarian entree on their restaurant, non-commercial foodservice or catering menus.  The competition will be held Wednesday, September 28, 2016.