Already Exhibiting

Thank you for participating in the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show! Now it’s time to start planning for the show. Please bookmark this page - helpful guides to ensure you have a successful show are coming shortly.  

1. Update Your Exhibitor Listing

Be sure to update your company's listing in the Online Directory and the printed Show Directory. This is what attendees use to plan their time at the show. You will also be able to add press releases, product information and much more to your online listing. To update your listing, visit the online exhibitor portal, choose your company name, and use the password that was provided to you via email. If you have any questions, contact

2. Register for Exhibitor Badges for Booth Staff

Once you have logged in to your Exhibitor Profile by following the link in step 1, you can register your staff by clicking on the link at the top that says “Click Here to Register Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show 2017”. Exhibitor Registration must be complete by July 27 in order to receive your badges in the mail prior to the show.

3. Online Exhibitor Manual

The 2018 Exhibitor Manual will be available soon

4. Invite your Customers and Prospects to Attend the Show as Your Guest

  • Our FREE Customer Invitation Program is a free and easy way to offer complimentary registration to your best customers and prospects! This program allows you to create your own link for complimentary registration and send it to your customers and/or prospects.  You can choose from web buttons, email signature graphics, social media graphics and e-vites (email invitation) that include your logo and images -- all providing your customers and prospects with free registration ... and provided at no cost to all exhibitors.
  • NEW!  We've put together an informational webinar on how to use the Customer Invitation Program. View the webinar here to make sure you're getting the most you can out of this program.

 5 . Improve Your ROI

Value Added Exhibitor Programs - Additional programs at no extra cost to increase your return on investment.

  • Exhibitor PR Opportunities

  • Marketing

    • Online and Printed Show Guide Listings For Attendee Sourcing
      Please see #1 above for information on updating your listing for the online and show Directories.
    • Social Media Outreach
      Buzz for your company via the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show social media announcements on Facebook. Be sure to like our page here.


Wayne Kakos, our dedicated Show Manager, is your personal resource available to help with all of your show and booth questions and needs leading up to the show. Whether it be maneuvering your way through the exhibitor manual or assisting you with log-ins and passwords, Wayne is here to help.

Here is his contact info:
Wayne Kakos, 203-242-8121,

In addition to the Show Manager, you have a team of people who are here to help. Visit the Contact Us page for more information.

Exhibitor Alerts!!

BEWARE of the Restaurant Daily News and Oser Communications 
Urban Expositions and the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show do NOT support the Restaurant Daily News produced by Oser Communications -- it is NOT affiliated with Urban Expositions or FRLS.  Please be aware that you may receive solicitations for the Restaurant Daily News from Oser Communications, its publisher, which may use the name of the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show, and may tell you that they are authorized to distribute their magazine at the event -- do not be fooled.  The only official event publications are produced by Urban Expositions and the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show.  For high impact advertising, and guaranteed access to the show attendees, please contact

BEWARE of Third Party Lead Retrieval Systems
Exhibitors, beware of third party lead retrieval companies soliciting devices with the assumption they work at all or most shows.  The Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show official registration providers design their systems to work in accordance with conditions that protect information, ensure data integrity, and are NOT aligned with outside providers systems.  Any challenges with use of these systems should be directed to the seller of these systems. 

Beware of Travel Scams
The Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show, in partnership with Connections Housing, are committed to providing you with the best travel deals around. Connections Housing is the official travel provider for the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show.  Don't be fooled by offers from other parties using the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show name - they are NOT affiliated with Urban Expositions or the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show. Remember, if the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. At the very least, prior to booking with a party other than Connections Housing, please check the prospective vendor's rating at

BEWARE of the Fair Guide
Urban Expositions and Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show do NOT support the Fair Guide -- it is NOT affiliated with Urban Expositions or the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show. Please be aware that you may receive solicitations for the Fair Guide from Construct Data, its publisher, which use the name of the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show– do not be fooled. Construct Data currently operates out of Slovakia (it has previously operated out of Austria and Germany).

BEWARE of the Expo-Guide
Urban Expositions and the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show also do NOT support the Expo-Guide -- it is NOT affiliated with Urban Expositions or the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show. Please be aware that you may receive solicitations for the Expo-Guide from Commercial Online Manuals, its publisher, which use the name of the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show– again, do not be fooled. The Expo-Guide currently operates out of Mexico.

For further warnings on the Fair Guide and the Expo-Guide, please check out (the website was set up originally to deal with the European City Guides, but it now addresses the Fair Guide and Expo-Guide as well as several other similar matters).

And please remember – the only directories and guides affiliated with Urban Expositions are those published by Urban Expositions, including the official show directories. If you have any doubts about a directory/guide solicitation using the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show name (for example, if the solicitation requires payment made to an address in a foreign country), please contact a Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show salesperson ASAP.