The Japan Pavilion is proud to announce that UNESCO added traditional Japanese cuisine or “Washoku” onto its Intangible Cultural Heritage list. We continue to support Japanese restaurants in New York and convey the appeal of Japanese food and culture to the world. 

In 2018 the Japan Pavilion is celebrating the 12th consecutive year with International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York. Japan Food Service Association (JF) will feature Japanese Rice – a premium quality short grain rice that has been a staple throughout Japanese history. JF will demonstrate how to grow Japanese rice, the process of polishing Japanese rice and various Japanese rice cooking techniques/recipes. You can get a Japanese rice sample at the show site. Don’t miss the opportunities to taste the real Japan!

The Japan Pavilion will also showcase many of Japan's specialty products including world-renown knives, sushi machines, food ingredients, tableware and more.


View 2017 the demonstration schedule here


John McCarthy
The Crimson Sparrow, Chef-owner, The Crimson Sparrow

John McCarthy is the chef-owner of The Crimson Sparrow restaurant in Hudson, NY.   After living and traveling in Asia for several years, John truly embraced Japanese and Asian food. After nearly two decades running a successful law practice and firm in Manhattan, John decided to pursue his real passion, a culinary career.  He graduated from the French Culinary Institute (FCI) in New York, where he met Dave Arnold, a well­respected renegade of modernist cuisine, who encouraged John to stage at Chef Wylie Dufresne’s wd­50. John went to work for Chef Dufresne was eventually offered a new position as part of Research and Development at wd­50.  After several years, John left in October, 2011 to open The Crimson Sparrow.

The Crimson Sparrow in June, 2012 and builds on all of John’s reverence and experience in cooking with Japanese flavors utilizing French technique. The Crimson Sparrow’s tasting menu is an exploration of complex, rich and unexpected flavors.  The restaurant has been critically acclaimed and was featured in The New York Times’ Dining Out section in August, 2013 as well as other publications including Conde Nast Traveller and Bon Appetit.


Kunihide Nakajima, Sushi Chef

Chef Kunihide Nakajima is a renowned sushi chef with over two decades of sushi-making experience behind him. Hailing from a lineage of sushi chefs - both his father and grandfather were sushi chefs at Tokyo’s Yakko Sushi - Chef Nakajima was literally born into the sushi world. After graduating high school, Chef Nakajima began working at the highly distinguished, authentic Japanese sushi restaurant Sushi Den, where he stayed for a total of 18 years splitting his time between the restaurant’s Tokyo and New York City locations. In 2015 he was picked New York’s Best Sushi Chef by the Village Voice. Chef Nakajima specializes in the true Edomae sushi style, a 400 year-old technique that's rare to find within the New York sushi scene. Chef Nakajima meticulously prepares his dishes using the freshest and highest quality fish shipped daily from regional fish markets across the world, and of course, Tokyo’s Tsukij Market. His relentless dedication to his craft and unwavering passion for his work has earned him the title Master Sushi Chef. Lucky for us, Yakko Sushi NY - Nakajima's newest restaurant, will finally open this Summer.


Jason Huang
Chef de Cuisine
Members Dining Room at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Jason Huang began his culinary career in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina he was trained in classic French cuisine. In culinary school he competed in the American Culinary Federation Hot-Food Team Competition winning gold medals in the state, regional, and national levels two years running. Upon graduating, he moved to New York to work at the prestigious 3 Star Michelin Le Bernardin under Eric Ripert. From there he trained under Anita Lo at the 1 Star Michelin restaurant Annisa. Jason was also the winner of the sixth annual "Umami Recipe Competition" and staged at the 3 Star Michelin Kikunoi in Kyoto, Japan under Yoshihiro Murata. Having learned immense technique and flavors from these renowned chefs, Jason set forth to become the Chef de Cuisine of the Members Dining Room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Influenced by French and Japanese cooking, he creates hyper-seasonal American menus pulling from the bounty of New York. 




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