Monday Session Details

11:15AM - 12:15PM

T101 - Building a Winning Hospitality Team in 8 Simple Steps

Building a Winning Hospitality Team starts with the interview process and continues through training, which is where a lot of restaurants stop with new employees. Darren S. Denington will show you that with 8 steps you can build a team that truly cares about your business and the ways to involve your team so that they grow with you.

Darren Denington, Service With Style Hospitality Group


11:30AM - 12:15PM

T103 - Utilizing Recipes for Just-In-Time Practices & Performance Benchmarking

Recipes are used for many aspects of the typical restaurant operator and their accuracy is paramount.  Recipes can assist in the calculation or our daily production and order practices.  See how dynamic pars for each can assist greatly in the overall efficiency of the company.  Learn how to utilize recipes to benchmark the performance of the company in ingredients, labor and overall.  Apply various techniques to create unique benchmarks to assist in problems you want to focus on.  The area of dynamic pars and performance benchmarking can have a huge impact on your business.  Leave with the skills you need to implement some of these best practices.

Mark Kelnhofer, Return on Ingredients

12:30PM - 1:15PM

T104 - Health Care Reform  - NOW is the time.  You need a plan.  You must take action.

Learn what actions you must take NOW to make sure you are in compliance with the latest Health Care Reform regulations. This session will cover specific strategies and tactics to help restaurateurs and hoteliers comply with the regulations and minimize the impact on your business. 

Dennis Barnes, President, Barnes Insurance and Financial Services

T105 - Food Safety Legislation Act

T106 - Trend-Forward Food and Beverage Insights

What are today’s leading food and beverage trends, and how are they showing up on menus? This session will explore innovative flavors, ingredients and preparation methods, and discuss why they are important in understanding changing consumer tastes.

Jackie Rodriguez, Technomic

1:30PM - 2:15PM

T107 - Is your marketing snackable?

Snackable content is the new marketing. Content, whether it’s a tweet, a blog post, a news article, or website feature, must be snackable – easy to consume in small amounts. Your customers want quick, enticing content they can read on their smart phones and tablets.

What you’ll learn at “Is your marketing snackable?”:

• What is content marketing? – including statistics and case studies within the food and travel industry
• Where are your prospects and customers online? How to find them and effectively target them?
• Why blog?
• How to create an editorial calendar of topics for all of your content
• How to attract new customers with your content/blog and how to measure results
• Secrets to managing social media in just 15 minutes a day
• Thinking outside the box on social media
• How to develop consumer-generated comments to increase sales – getting your customers to post reviews, photos/video, etc.

Beth Graham

T108 - Keys to Effective Communication and Documentation of Employees

Mark L. Bonfanti, Esq.,  Allen, Norton & Blue, P.A.

T109 - MOBILE MARKETING - Is there an App for that?

In this powerful lesson, Kyle Taylor will demonstrate how restaurants can implement a mobile marketing strategy, with a review of the top 10 apps restaurants can use to boost traffic and improve profits NOW!

With this practicable how to course, Kyle will take you beyond the the computer desktop and show you how to take advantage of new advances in mobile marketing on smartphones and tablets with tactics that drive people into your store.

Discussion topics include:

• Mobile sites and HMTL5 responsive designs
• iBeacon / Geofencing - location based mobile systems
• Swipely - using your exisiting POS data to drive marketing decisions
• Mobile SMS marketing
• Table Tablets - providers like Ziosk and Elacarte are changing the way guests order and pay in restaurants.
• BuzzTable - Free Guest Management app
• Chef Ref - Recipes, cooking instructions and training videos
• Belly - is a digital rewards system
• ChowNow - easy online ordering system that allows customers to access a menu from virtually anywhere, place an order and pay in advance.

Kyle Taylor, Patrons+

2:30PM - 3:15PM

T110 - The Secrets to Holding Your Management Team Accountable

Many restaurant owners suffer from a common but relatively unknown condition called “commonsense-it-is”. Session speaker David Scott Peters, restaurant coach and founder of, diagnoses restaurant owners with “commonsense-it-is”  when they think their managers should just know how to do things because it’s “common sense.” But the definition of common sense clearly states that it’s a shared understanding based on experience. Restaurant managers don’t share the owner’s experiences and don’t possess their same core values. They will not automatically do things the way a restaurant owner wants. But the good news is, there is a way to teach them. Attend this session to learn:
1. Why company culture is such an important role in how things get done
2. How to clearly define expectations for a management team
3. The two-step process for getting rid of “commonsense-it-is” in any restaurant
4. The recipe for effective delegation and why what you’ve been doing doesn’t work

David Scott Peters,

T112 - Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals FOR DUMMIES

Meet the Author and learn the 10 commandments of leasing commercial space for restaurant tenants … direct from the expert! Whatever you do, don’t sign a new commercial lease or renewal before attending this session. Free leasing CD for all attendees.
This session will address:
• Pro-active steps in negotiating a new commercial lease or renewal
• Leasing strategies for achieving the maximum Tenant Allowance & Free Rent
• How to avoid mistakes when dealing with Real Estate Agents
• How to get the lowest rental rate on new leases or renewals

Dale Willerton, The Lease Coach