Cost Saving Tips

Cost Saving Tips


Order Your Booth Items Early!

Freeman is the General Contractor for all of your services and rental items (carpets, furnishings,etc.) Take advatage of earlybird rates to save up to 30% on your orders. 

Click here to access the Exhibitor Set Up Manual to view the offered options. 


Plan Your Labor Ahead of Time
Be sure to plan your booth set up with enough time where you don't need to order over time labor. Labor in straight time (Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm) can save you a lot of money and time.  


Freight Guidelines
Know the difference between the different kinds of freight for your booth. From hand-carrying to spotting fees, knowing the guidelines can help save your bottom line. Check back soon for a handy guide that differentiates one from the other to avoid costs. 



Order Your Lead Retrieval

Make the most out of your leads and order your lead retrieval system early. Whether you're looking to use the tablet or the app system, ordering your lead retrieval early can save you money and help you check something off your list!  

Click here to order your Lead Retrieval System.

Book Your Hotel Through Our Official Housing Provider

Book your hotel room through our hotel provider, Connections Housing. They have worked to assure the lowest rates for exhibitors and attendees of the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show. 

Click Here to Book Now! 

Clearly Label Your Shipments

Be sure to properly mark all of your freight clearly with your company name and booth number. Bring copies of your shipping paperwork onsite and avoid using common carries when shipping items to the show. If you do need to ship small packages, try to ship them to your hotel and not the convention center. 

Bring Extra Copies of Your Orders

Bring Copies of all of your Service and rental orders onsite along with any contact information for your vendors. If you are organizing for your company but not attending the show for your company, be sure to communicate the items you ordered pre-show and hand over all of the information as needed. 

Know Your Timing After the Show

Know the hours of move-out! It takes approximately 1 hours to roll out carpet and approximately 1.5 hours to return all empty crates to your booth. Schedule your move out labor accordingly to avoud any time that could be wasted