Education & Events

Education and Events

The Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show brings together world-class education with industry-influencing demonstrations. Our program provides the gold-standard, industry-leading educational content that is practical and relevant for today's foodservice professionals. Our Center Stage boasts special events such as the Beacon and Torch Awards which honor culinary and restaurant industry influencers as well as live culinary demonstrations showing off trends, tips, and tricks from noteworthy chefs for their audience. 

General Session - State of the Foodservice Industry

General Session - State of the Foodservice Industry

Join Donna Hood Crecca of Technomic for an overview of the state of the foodservice industry in the U.S., including areas of growth, new consumer and market dynamics, lodging segment specifics and what to look for in 2023.

Donna Hood Crecca 
Principal, Technomic
Donna directs Technomic’s convenience store and adult beverage practices. She is a veteran of the foodservice and drinks industries, having consulted for and covered the restaurant, foodservice, convenience store, beverage and adult beverage markets for more than three decades.
Keynote Presentation

Keynote Presentation

Jim “Murph” Murphy - former U.S. Airforce F-15 fighter pilot and founder of Afterburner.  Afterburner is a global leader in training and consulting. They help leaders accelerate individual performance by connecting strategy to execution.  Afterburner helps teams to execute with the same precision and accuracy as elite military aviators and special operations teams. 
In 1989, Jim “Murph” Murphy sat at the controls of an F-15 fighter jet and realized that the cultural discipline and strategic alignment needed to execute flawlessly in the challenging world of military aviation was more than unique – it was awe-inspiring.
 Jim will share with us:
  • how the U.S. military cultivates a singleness of mind around strategic action
  • how he translated these time-tested proven processes into a simple, scalable, agile methodology 
  • a framework to leverage team expertise, lessons learned and a structured planning process to survive in challenging environments and achieve new levels of success. 
As leaders of elite military teams, Jim and his team have thrived in the harshest, most chaotic environments on earth.  Jim will apply these same principals to help you:
  • expand your vision of success,
  • align teams behind a common strategy
  • and, stay consistent in execution. 
Leadership made simple.  As humans, we have a tendency to address complex problems with complex solutions.  Adding complexity to complexity only increases the challenge of leadership. 
This Keynote Session is about leadership made simple by developing a mission plan, aligning teams, and teaching you how to flawlessly execute. 

To learn more about Afterburner, visit here.
To learn more about Jim "Murph" Murphy, visit here.

Special Events


Our special events and featured areas have been extensively developed to help our attendees become better informed in this constantly changing industry. Center Stage will present top chefs and be the hub for many of our special events including Hip Sip, Rapid Fire, and so much more!


Additional Resources

Additional Learning Resources

Check out all the additional resources we have. Stay on top of trends with our Business Builders. Industry Insights teach you more about the people behind the food you love. Watch our monthly Virtual Learning Seminars to stay up to date in an industry that is constantly shifting.