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Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show and Pizza Tomorrow Summit Program at a Glance

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Understanding Your Path to Profitability

09 Nov 2023
Education Alley - Theater 371
This is a 45-minute presentation meant to help owners and operators shift the way they think about marketing. Most restaurants fail because they don't have a "Path to Profitability", but many of the survivors struggle because they don't understand that there is a RIGHT and WRONG way to market their businesses. I share a simple 5-step framework called "The ABCDs of Marketing" to help restaurateurs be more intentional with their efforts. It helps them put the guest at the center of the conversation, and ensures that all of the "stuff" they do is aligned to achieve certain results. By the end, attendees will understand who their product is and who it is for. They will understand exactly what problem they're solving, who their true competitors are, and how to stand out in a noisy marketplace. Finally, I show everyone a simple way to ensure that their actions stay focused on achieving specific results. There is a RIGHT way to market restaurants!
Chip Klose, Host - Restaurant Strategy Podcast


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