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Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show and Pizza Tomorrow Summit Program at a Glance

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How Do I Get Everyone to Care as Much as I Do? Key Leadership Skills

November 09, 2023
Education Alley - Theater 371
Ever felt like leadership is just one long ordeal of chasing people down for things and having a million things on your plate? Looking for a little bit more accountability and follow through from your team? This presentation will offer the keys to effective (and fun!) leadership.  This session will offer a crucial mindset shift for more effective leadership that leads to getting more done by doing less - building partnership and getting support (including an activity designed to create immediate action steps you can take when you get back to work). The importance of having and communicating your vision, with tools, strategies, and best practices for empowering coworker/team member growth and minimizing the time it takes to make collaborative decisions.
Alison Anne, Leader - Restaurant Revolution



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