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Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show and Pizza Tomorrow Summit Program at a Glance

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Next Level Guest Management

08 Nov 2023
Education Alley - Theater 331
Understanding who your guests are, what they like, how often they visit, and how much they spend, is the key to building repeat business and building profitability. Today’s world and the science of hospitality requires more than, “I remember you…” – and with fierce competition, you need to make your venue stand out. This seminar focusses on how you can get to know your guests, and tools which are available to help in that process so that your entire team is aware of those who frequents your establishment and spends the most – allowing you to build your business around your most valued guests.
Homan Taghdiri, Managing Partner - Invitus Hospitality


International Restaurant & Foodservice Show Of New York 2023

International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York

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Pizza Tomorrow Summit and the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show

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