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Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show and Pizza Tomorrow Summit Program at a Glance

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Using Point-of-Decision Marketing to Grow Sales (and Your Company)

08 Nov 2023
Education Alley - Theater 349
A customer already in your shop is your best sales opportunity. How do you get them to spend more money while they're right in front of you?Learn about the psychology of Point-of-Decision Marketing, using curated research, informative visuals and real-life examples. .The science behind POD marketing; why upselling is the key to growth; best practices on implementing POD marketing for your customers.
Damon Piatek, President - Impulse Guide


International Restaurant & Foodservice Show Of New York 2023

International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York

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Pizza Tomorrow Summit and the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show

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Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo

Welcome to the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show!

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