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Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show and Pizza Tomorrow Summit Program at a Glance

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It Doesn't Have to be This Way! Cultivating Working Relationships with Restaurants

November 09, 2023
Education Alley - Theater 349
No one benefits from “us vs. them” in a restaurant setting. Let’s learn how to meet our restaurant employees where they are for the betterment of our workplace culture. For the sake of productivity and general well-being, we want to have a good working relationship with our restaurant employees. In this session, we will review simple actionable options to better our working relationship with our employees while maintaining high productivity and morale. It should never be us versus them. When we cultivate excellent working relationships, we start seeing better output from our employees, higher engagement, and decreased turnover.
Oren Hertz, Assistant Professor - Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management; Florida International University



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