Ice Carving Demonstration

LIVE Ice Carving Demonstrations

Owners Joe and Lianne Rimer, along with the talented team at Ice Pro, are used to pushing the limits of what can be done with ice. Since 2008, the team of professional ice sculptors have turned ideas, both great and small, into cool, shimmering reality for people all over the world. Contact Ice Pro for any of your ice needs. Whether you are looking for a centerpiece, luge, sorbet or gourmet cubes, Ice Pro has it all! Email them at and visit their website to check out their latest work:

Sunday, September 15 - Ice Pro Invitational Team Competition
Join us for a team competition and cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award Winner. Each team starts 3 blocks and will carve for 2 hours! 

New Orleans- Dawson List and Chuck Avery
Palm Beach- Ben Rand and Rob Heminger
Miami- Drue Brandenburg and David
Orlando- Victor Dagaton and Kenny the Kilt
Rosen- Ricky Lopez and Team Partner
Additional Assistance provided by- Tres Theis, Josh Pantoja, Jose Pena, Kristi Pena

Sponsors Include:  

Monday, September 16 - Ice Pro Chill Lounge
Join us in the Chill Lounge for an ice experience incorporating furniture, scultures, curtains, a dancing cage featuring Bella Bella dancers, and a bar.