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The Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show's Education Program is approved by the American Culinary Federation for Continuing Education Hours

Because your business cannot survive by food alone, we invite you and your staff to sample the education menu at the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show. The Education Program provides the gold-standard, industry-leading educational content that is practical and relevant for today's foodservice professional. Industry leaders deliver real, applicable business lessons, the latest information on trends and best practices in the market, and their own opinions of what creates success. The show brings together 15,000 Industry Professionals in each of the targeted geographical markets, the professional development impact it delivers to the industry is second to none.

  • Uncovering Hot New Trends
  • Increasing Revenue and Loyalty
  • Operational Excellence and Lowering Costs
  • Minimize Turnover while Building Winning Teams
  • Delivering Optimal Customer Experience
  • Menu, Cuisine and Profits
  • Minimizing Risk and Legal Issues
  • Boosting Beverage Earnings
  • Plus much more!

Bring Your Entire Team

Are you the Executive Chef? The Owner? The Manager? The HR Director? The Marketing Guru? The Director of Culinary Innovation? If you work in the restaurant and foodservice industry, you need to join the Forum. The Forum will provide everyone on your staff the most up-to-date information on the topics you need to bring your business to the next level.

The 2018 Conference Schedule


Patricia Copela at pcopela@urban-expo.com or 203-202-3823.