Leverage Technology Integration for a Multi-Concept Space

Monday, September 21, 2020 - 2:30 pm to 3:15 pm
Live at Your Table - Foodservice - Foodservice

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Sarah Naqvi
HMS Host
Rob Watkins


Rob Grimes
Founder and CEO, IFBTA


The on-site segment finds itself in a position to use technology in ways many restaurateurs dream of, primarily because of the multi-concept environment they have to work in. Foodservice and on-site providers also have the distinct advantage of being able to learn from restaurants who have tried to integrate technology but may have needed help finding the most effective solution. In this session, our speakers will explain how the on-site segment can leverage technology integration to bring a more connected and seamless experience to the guest in their multi-concept environment. Retail often finds itself in a separate category from restaurants because of the customer engagement and interface needed in grocery stores, C-stores, and gas stations. Although that is true in many cases, there are a number of overlapping needs in food retail and foodservice. From self-checkout and electronic shelf labeling, to scanners and delivery, retail uses various technology interfaces to automate the shopping experience and bring a connected experience to the guest. In this session, our speakers will discuss the nuances of food retail and the technology needed to pull it all together.


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