Safety Has Always Been #1...However Your Customers Now Want to See It

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 - 10:45 am to 11:30 am
Live at Your Table - Live at Your Table - Live at Your Table

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Betsy Craig
CEO & Founder, MenuTrinfo
Crystal Duncan
MBA, FMP, Co-Founder/Owner, Cox Duncan Network LLC
Carlos Menes
CP-FS, Director, Food Safety & Product Quality Assurance, Sodexo NorAm


In this discussion, leaders in the industry will review each area that you must be dialed in to successfully open those doors or keep them open. Together they will go over the top 7 MUSTs for reopening and staying open and the 10 game changers that will increase sales from safety first actions. Let's unpack what consumers are saying about locations that have reopened already, look deeper into what they are looking for to feel safer, and the questions that must be answered by each consumer when they cross the threshold (or curb) of your building. Be prepared to walk away with a quick checklist to take with you and implement instantly. Simple to use but invaluable information in support of your organization.


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