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Brian Hernandez

Brian Hernandez

Director , US Pizza Team
Worked in the pizza industry for years before 2004 as a general employee. Everything from inside, to driver to manager. Started as an insider at Pizza X then worked my way up to 3rdm 2nd then 1st assistant manager, eventually becoming GM of the Bedford location for 3 years. Parlayed my time with Pizza X into my current position with PMQ Pizza Magazine. Defined and changed my role over the years from basic inside and event planner to online video personality, test chef and Director of the U.S. Pizza Team, which entails planning competitions, managing competitions, planning international trips with up to 30 members to compete. Even planning and managing live streamed competitions for pizza acrobatics on ESPN 3. I firmly believe ini doing everything for yourself at least once. You cannot ask someone to do something you would never do, plus it gives you valuable insight into how that job should be done and what it entails. Understand your role, but understand the roles of those around you or that work for you as well. Anyone can bark orders, it takes a manager to understand them.



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