VIP Lounge Sponsorship - $1,500

Want a great way to directly reach this targeted buying group? Feature your actual product within this special area where buyers mingle and have direct contact with your product. We will place your product in the Lounge (Furniture, Food, Beverage, Technology, etc.) so the VIP can interact. Also included:

  • Pre-Show Promotion on our website, Directory and Social Media
  • At Show Promotional Signage
  • Opportunitity to distribute marketing material in the lounge
  • Deploy a pre-show email to the VIP attendee list leading up to the show


First Taste of the show

With this First Taste of the Show, you set the tone for buyers’ introduction to the show with your product sample available to all guests as they enter the Convention Center and stop in the Registration Area to pick up their credentials.

  • Category Exclusive: All Three Days of the Event - opening to closing - $2,695
  • Non-Category Exclusive: All Three Days of the Event - 3 hours/day - $995

Limited to only 6 companies



Press Office - $1,000

Put your company name in front of hundreds of press who are at the show to report on the latest trends and products. Your company logo will be displayed on signage at the entrance to the Press Office where all press must go to get their badges.


Center Stage

Thousands of attendees visit the Center Stage area to see the latest trends and cooking innovations. Your company can sponsor a complete branding of the area. Includes branding on signage, station with your product being distributed, pre-show promotion.


Meeting Room Request

A very limited number of meeting rooms are available at the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show that may be rented by exhibitors and/or related industry groups on a first-come, first-served basis.

Call for pricing and availability.