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Check out our new ways to participate for 2024, we not only have booth space options but also ways to help you save on brand exposure. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us and we'll help guide you to your best option for participation this year!

Exhibits: Booth Space Only   

  • Company listing (with short profile description) appearing on the online floorplan, exhibitor listing area, and mobile app
  • 5 exhibitor badges per 100 sq. ft.
  • 3ft. side drapes (except adjacent to the aisle), 8 ft. high back wall drape (inline spaces only)

PRICE = $38.25 per sq. ft.  |  Corners $350 per corner

Booth Upgrade Packages: Stand Out from the Crowd!

The Cocktail

Your company name, booth number listed on our our "Featured Exhibitors" signage at the show!

Cost: $250 (in addition to Booth Space Cost)

The Appetizer

Your company name, booth number, and large logo displayed on the official show website landing page as a "Featured Exhibitor" and listed on our "Featured Exhibitor" signage at the show!

Cost: $395 (in addition to Booth Space Cost)

The Main Course

Your company name, booth number, and large logo displayed on the official show website landing page as a "Featured Exhibitor," bi-weekly social media shout-outs on Instagram and Facebook during the two months pre-show, and listed on our "Featured Exhibitor" signage at the show!

Cost: $595 (in addition to Booth Space Cost)

List of Available Sponsorships (Please contact our sales team for more product details and to confirm the availability):

Culinary Innovation Theater Market-Segment Sponsorships

Have your product be ACTUALLY UTILIZED in the Culinary Innovation Theater programming. 

To the right, you'll find examples of how certain product-types can be integrated into our Chef Demo's, Culinary Competitions, and Expert Panels, as well as major deliverables specific to each product-type.

All market segments include the following deliverables:

  • Custom product use-case development integrated into our programming through a collaborative effort with sponsor and Restaurant Events LLC content leaders.
  • Recognized as your market vertical’s headline sponsor of the event as a whole, and of its main feature – The Culinary Innovation Theater Experience
  • First to be contacted for chef demo and competition participation beyond the time allotted through your sponsorship.
  • Emcee callouts and mentions of sponsor brand and products throughout the Culinary Innovation Theater events.
  • Logo and mention included on marketing deployments promoting this area as well as on static website pages where this is highlighted.  
  • Main Culinary Innovation Theater Sponsor Branding – includes logo on holding slides or option to provide silent commercial that loops on monitors between sessions, logo at Culinary Innovation Theater entryway, and the option to do giveaways or seat drops containing company collateral.
  • Prominent logo branding on the website homepage and Culinary Innovation Theater highlights page.

Sponsor fee $10,000 + production costs including (but not limited to) providing F&B or equipment used for demonstrations, as well as storage & handling of such products.

Cost is per-segment, only one sponsorship per segment is available.

Potential Custom Experience Options for Each Market Segment

Food & Cookware:

  • An exclusively client-produced chef demonstration at Culinary Innovation Theater
  • A spot for your chef or representative in our Rapid-Fire Cooking Competition at the Culinary Innovation Theater, and positioned as main event sponsor (or sponsors if both segments are filled) 


  • An exclusively client-produced bartender demonstration at Culinary Innovation Theater
  • A spot for your bartender or representative in our Hip Sip Bartender Competition on Culinary Innovation Theater

Technology and Décor:

Examples of ways to integrate your products at the show include:

  • Outfit the Culinary Innovation Theater with your tech or décor to be showcased throughout each demo and competition. 
  • Have the audience sit in your seats by providing chairs (perfect for restaurant furniture companies)
  • View the content on your screens
  • Or watch as your robot servers bring the food to our judges
  • Many great options can be customized to fit the product use-case

Culinary Education/Training:

Examples of ways to integrate your expertise at the show include:

  • Organize a competition of your own
  • Host a chef demo or a teaching session
  • Have your expert be a judge on one of our panels


Examples of ways to integrate your equipment at the show include:

  • Have culinary demos and competitions use your cooking equipment in an openly visible prep area or at the Culinary Innovation Theater itself
  • Display equipment in and around the Culinary Innovation Theater Experience area

Additional Opportunities

Culinary Innovation Theater Display or Activation

Have a solution that you want showcased but you're not interested in a major headline sponsor?  We have something for you too!

Claim some square footage inside our Culinary Innovation Theater - and real estate inside the minds of buyers - through a display or activation!

Give us a call to talk about how your product can be showcased in and around the Culinary Innovation Theater experience. 


  • Recognition as second-tier sponsor of Culinary Innovation Theater on the website page calling out programming.
  • Dedicated email blast “Thank you to our activation sponsors for adding the experience to the Culinary Innovation Theater experience”.
  • Integration of your product or solution into the production of the Culinary Innovation Theater Experience.


* Sponsor fee $5,000 + production costs including (but not limited to) providing F&B or equipment used for demonstrations, as well as storage & handling of such products.

*NEW* Hot New Product Showcase

Featured Product
Preview (case)


Be a part of the featured product showcases on the
show floor. Take all of the shelves and own a showcase!


Featured Product
Preview (shelf)


Take a shelf in one of the featured product showcases
on the show floor.

Thought Leadership

  • Branding at Content Sessions taking place at one of our three Education Alley Theaters (FRLS Team curated content)​ - $5,000

    • 1-2 minute introduction 

    • Branded holding slides (produced by exhibitor)

    • Option to have soundless video loop on downtime between sessions (produced by exhibitor .mp4 file type)

    • Session listing will have logo placement on the website & mobile app

    • Opportunity to have handouts on seats

    • Leads from badge scans (these are completed by temp staff during session to the best of their ability, and without interrupting the course of the educational programming)

Big-Impact & Wow Factor Signage​:

  • Steps & Escalator Signage​ - $15,000

  • Lanyards & Branded Badges - $7,500 (sponsor must produce)

  • Show Bags​ - $5,000 (sponsor must produce)

  • Registration Desk Sponsor​ - $7,500

  • Aisle Signs​ (1 sign per aisle) - $10,000

  • Uniform Sponsor​ - $7,500

Cost-Effective Brand Awareness​

  • Window Cling in venue entrance ​- $2,500

  • Floor Decals (2ft x 2 ft)​ - $1,500 (per decal​)

  • Freestanding meter boards​ - $2,500

  • Bag Insert or Registration Area Handout - $2,500

  • Logo on Daily Special Handout​ - $1,750

  • It’s 5 O’clock somewhere – bring the bar to your booth!​ - $3,500 for one day or $5,500 for 2 days
    - Includes a floor sticker at booth

Mobile Application Sponsorships​

  • Splash Page - $3,500​

  • Rotating Banner - $2,500​

  • Featured Company - $1,500​

  • Top of Group Listing - $5000​

  • Static Floorplan Banner Ad - $2,000​

Digital Opportunities

  • Post-Event Email Blast to pre-registered attendees - $2,500​ (Limited to 4)

  • Pre-Event Email Blast to currently registered attendees - $3,000​ (Limited to 4)

  • Pre-Event Email Blast to Florida Restaurant database - $3,000​ (Limited to 2)

Email Blast Specs:

  • Max 600 pixels wide, 300 dpi
  • Finalized HTML creative; may have multiple URL links
  • Submit materials to your show contact
  • 60-character subject line (spaces count)
  • Exhibitors must host images
  • File to be provided 2 days prior to deployment

Video Promotion

  • In-booth video interview with digital promotion sent to exhibitor post-show. Leave the show with your own 1.5-minute commercial.​ - $2,000

​​​​Listing Upgrades

  • Ask us about expanding your company's profile on the floorplan and mobile app! ​

  • Includes the ability to upload video & press releases ​

Prices range:​​​​​​ $500 - $750 ​

Website Branding ​

  • Countdown Clock Sponsor - $5,000​

  • Online Registration Sponsor - $7,500​

  • Top of Homepage Ad- $6,000​

  • Lower Middle Homepage Ad - $2,500

  • Ad on floorplan - $3,250​

*Ad Placements - run from the time of purchase - 30 days post event

Social Media

Social Media Campaign - $2,000​

  • Instagram​

  • Facebook ​

  • LinkedIn​



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